HELVETAS Vietnam's Country Strategy Workshop 2018

In  13 April 2018, at Hanoi Hotel, HELVETAS Vietnam organized the Country Strategy Workshop with aims to present and discuss key findings from the review of key thematic topics; to discuss and agree on directions of Helvetas Vietnam in 2018-2020; to discuss and agree on key partnerships that include HELVETAS, CRED and DECEN, HELVETAS Myanmar & Laos; to agree on follow up activities for Country Strategy development.

With the attendance of more than 30 participants from HELVETASHead Office, HEVELTAS Myanmar and Laos and HELVETAS Vietnam’s key staff and representatives of CRED and DECEN, the workshop was successfully organized.

During the workshop, the participants took part in discussions and group work to find out the current situation and content analysis of HELVETAS Vietnam and work on HELVETAS Country Strategy 2018-2020 for Vietnam with a focus on KEY direction of HELVETAS Vietnam and how are we doing better than others and what HELVETAS Vietnam’s weakness are and how to improve it. A list of strategic donors and partners are also found out at the end of the workshop.

To have a look the photo album of the workshop, please click HERE.