About HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation in Laos

HELVETAS is an international network of independent affiliate member organisations working in the field of development cooperation and emergency response. As a network, we promote the fundamental rights of individuals and groups and strengthen governments and other duty bearers in their service provision. HELVETAS started working in Lao P.D.R. in 2001 with activities mainly in the agriculture sector, addressing issues related to sustainable agriculture, food security and social equity in the country.

HELVETAS Laos program

Family, Laos
Our vision is a world in which everyone lives in a self-determined way in dignity and safety.

Jobs at HELVETAS Laos

Education, Laos
HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation has been contributing to Laos’ sustainable development goals since 2001. Our mission is to build and promote local capacities promoting gender inclusive human resources development in a dynamic and creative working environment.

Our local partners

Our local Partners, Laos
As a partner in development we believe we are most effective in achieving sustainable development goals when these are worked towards in coordinated and equitable partnerships with government, civil society and the private sector.

HELVETAS as an organisation

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HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation is one of the most experienced and largest development organisations in Switzerland. It came into existence on 1 July 2011 through the merger of two organisations: HELVETAS (founded in 1955) and Intercooperation (founded in 1982).